Walker: Protesters prepared him to confront global terrorism Submitted: 02/26/2015
OXON HILL, MD. - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says his experience taking on protesters in his state helped prepare him to take on terrorists across the world.

The likely Republican presidential contender on Thursday appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference known as CPAC in suburban Washington.

Asked how he would handle the Islamic State group, Walker said he's been concerned about the terrorist group for years at home and abroad. He told the conservative audience that if he can take on 100,000 protesters, he can do the same across the world.

"We will have someone who leads and ultimately will send a message not only
that we will protect American soil but do not, do not take this upon freedom loving people anywhere else in the world. We need a leader a leader with that kind of confidence," Walker said. "If I can take on a 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world."

Walker told reporters later there was no comparison between protestors and terrorists.

He was pointing out it was the closest thing he had to handling a difficult situation.

Walker also used time in the speech criticizing President Barack Obama and touting ACT 10 legislation.

"We don't have seniority or tenure anymore. We can hire and fire based on merit. We can pay based on performance. We can put the best and the brightest in our classrooms and we can keep them there," Walker said.

The Wisconsin governor has faced particularly aggressive protests over his budget policies in the four years since he took office. He's gearing up for a 2016 presidential contest in which foreign policy figures to play prominently.

Story By: Newswatch 12 Staff

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