Walker urges Republican senators to reject Medicaid growthSubmitted: 06/21/2017
MADISON - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is urging Republican senators to reject a Medicaid expansion he turned down but that most states accepted under the health care law passed by former President Barack Obama.

Walker said in a statement Wednesday that there are "no excuses" for Republicans in Congress not to repeal the law and not allow the Medicaid expansion to grow.

Walker's decision to reject the Medicaid expansion has cost the state about $690 million in federal money since 2014.

Instead, Walker created a hybrid system for covering low-income people in Wisconsin that resulted in everyone earning less than the poverty level having insurance.

Democratic state Assembly Leader Peter Barca says Walker is "fighting a losing battle" trying to convince Congress to stop paying for the Medicaid expansion.

Story By: Associated Press

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FLINT, MI - A Canadian man has been charged with stabbing an airport officer in the neck in Flint, Michigan.

Federal prosecutors announced the charge Wednesday against Amor Ftouhi of Quebec. He's charged with committing violence at an airport.

The criminal complaint says Ftouhi stabbed Lt. Jeff Neville with a large knife and declared "Allahu akbar," the Arabic phrase for "God is great."

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MADISON - A Republican-backed bill supporters say is designed to protect free speech on Wisconsin's college campuses, but that opponents argue will do just the opposite, is set to clear a major legislative hurdle.

The proposal up for a vote in the Wisconsin state Assembly on Wednesday comes amid growing tension on college campuses over free speech rights.

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MADISON - A Wisconsin state park has canceled its summer bat watch program due to a fungal disease decimating the park's bat population.

The Baraboo News Republic reports that a disease known as white-nose syndrome has spread among the brown bat population in Devil's Lake State Park. The disease causes white fungus to form on the muzzle, wings, ears and other parts of infected bats.

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MADISON - Election clerks in Wisconsin use paper lists to check in voters.

They could see an upgrade with that system.

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MILWAUKEE - The prosecutor who charged a former Milwaukee police officer for killing a 23-year-old black man told jurors the man "looked like a child" and was in a vulnerable position when he was fatally shot.

But attorneys defending Dominique Heaggan-Brown against the charge of first-degree reckless homicide countered the former officer acted in self-defense because the man was armed when a foot chase began.

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BISMARCK, N.D. - A federal judge has decided President Donald Trump won't be a defendant in a lawsuit over the disputed Dakota Access pipeline.

A group of Native Americans who asked to join a lawsuit filed by their tribes wanted to add Trump because his administration earlier this year pushed through completion of the long-stalled pipeline.

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WASHINGTON - The United States Supreme Court will decide if political districts in Wisconsin give Republicans an unfair advantage.

The justices Monday said they will decide whether Republican lawmakers drew electoral districts that violated the constitutional rights of Democratic voters.

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