Cost to protect Walker, Kleefisch more than tripled since DoyleSubmitted: 04/24/2015
MADISON - The cost to protect Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch last year was more than three times as much as it took to protect his Democratic predecessor in 2010.

Walker's administration released costs related to his security detail in response to an open records request by The Associated Press.

The information shows that security costs for Walker and Kleefisch were $2.3 million in 2014. The costs were up more than 47 percent from Walker's first year in office in 2011.

But compared with Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle in 2010, the cost to protect Walker has more than tripled. Security detail costs for Doyle that year were just $657,000.

No protection for the lieutenant governor was provided at that time, but it is now.

Story By: Associated Press

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