Skipper's Restaurant takes holiday giving to new levelSubmitted: 12/02/2016

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MERRILL - Every year a Merrill restaurant owner takes holiday giving to a new level. 

Skipper's Restaurant owner Rick Scott decided to start an annual charity of his own to raise funds for the town's furry friends. Scott started hosting a Christmas tree and wreath sale four years ago. All proceeds go to the Lincoln County Humane Society. 

Shelter Manager Liz Friedenfels says it was a pleasant surprise when Scott suggested the idea.

"It is wonderful we are very lucky to have an incredible amount of community support, and Rick is just one of those people that shows it. We have a lot of people that do a lot for the shelter, and we're very grateful," Friedenfels said. 
Before Scott, no one had approached the shelter about a tree sale for charity.

"It was definitely unexpected but, you know, a lot of people do kind of random fundraisers for us, and it really makes a big difference," Friedenfels said.

Last year the sale brought in over $500. That money helps with the day-to-day costs of the shelter such as food and medical care for the animals. 

But money is not the only thing Scott gives to the Humane Society.

"Rick actually donates our Christmas tree here every year too out of the lot. He pays for it himself and donates it to the shelter," said Friedenfels. 

The shelter decorated their tree with penguin- and snowman-shaped dog toys. Underneath the tree sits dog and cat treats along with several pet toys that people have donated. 

Scott understands that many families traditionally get their tree from the same place every year and that his fundraiser is still relatively young. Scott hopes that the charity will grow more each year as people learn about it. The fundraiser lasts until Dec. 8.

Story By: Dakota Sherek

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