Milwaukee gets $1 million loan to start replacing lead pipesSubmitted: 06/24/2016
MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee is getting a $1 million state loan to begin the costly task of replacing 70,000 lead water pipes throughout the city.

Public works officials say the priority is replacing pipes to 385 state-licensed day care centers in Milwaukee, since none of the city's public schools get their water through lead pipes. The work will take three years.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports (http://bit.ly/28Rplt8 ) it would cost $500 million to $750 million to fully replace all the city's lead service lines, which connect water mains with residences built before 1951. The work might take three to five decades, though the timetable could be sped up if federal funds become available.

Absent disturbances from construction projects, which can increase lead levels, tests confirm Milwaukee's tap water is safe to drink.

Story By: Associated Press

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MADISON - Wisconsin state employees will face a new world when they show up for work July 1.

An overhaul of the state's 111-year-old civil service system takes effect take that day. It will leave 30,000 state workers and an untold number of job applicants to face new hiring and firing protocols.

Mandatory pre-hiring examinations will be a thing of the past. So will bumping rights, which protect senior employees from layoffs.

Probation periods will be longer, just cause for disciplinary actions will be clearly defined and layoff decisions will be based on performance rather than seniority.

Supporters insist the changes enable state agencies to fill retirees' positions quickly and impose proper discipline.

Democrats and other critics say Republicans are trading a clean, fair employment system for political patronage and cronyism.

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WAUWATOSA - Police say an officer in a Milwaukee suburb has fatally shot a man in a park.

Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber says the officer encountered the man armed with a gun sitting in a vehicle at Madison Park about 3 a.m. Thursday.

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MADISON - Democratic Wisconsin Senate candidate Russ Feingold is endorsing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for president.

In a statement Thursday, Feingold says Clinton won a hard-fought campaign and made history. He says it's clear she's ready to take on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

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MILWAUKEE - Republican lawyer and lobbyist Richard Graber has been named CEO and president of the Milwaukee-based Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Graber was named Thursday to succeed Michael Grebe, who announced last year he'd be stepping down after 14 years leading the powerful conservative foundation.

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MADISON - Milwaukee put rules in place to make sure police and firefighters lived close by.

Now, the Wisconsin Supreme Court says Milwaukee can no longer enforce its residency requirement.

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MILWAUKEE - The only fuel pipeline serving northeastern Wisconsin will be shut down indefinitely.

West Shore Pipe Line Company is looking into how to supply the Green Bay area with gas and diesel fuel in the meantime.

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MILWAUKEE - The downtown campus of Milwaukee Area Technical College was briefly locked down after a man was spotted with a gun.

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