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Tomahawk girls swim team hopes for a fourth straight Great Northern Conference title Submitted: 09/07/2017
Minocqua - The old saying goes, good things come in threes. But the Tomahawk girls swim team is hoping great things come in fours. 

Tomahawk girls swimming has one goal in mind: to lift that Great Northern Conference trophy up four years in a row.
"I think we're doing a really great job in practice and it's looking good so far. I think we have a really good chance of actually doing it," said senior Rachel Dallman.

Dallman and Kirstin Marcks are the only two seniors on the team this year. But head coach Theresa L'Esperance isn't doubting the small group of leaders.

"She [L'Esperance] knows that we know what we're doing and we trust her to give us the set that will get us to state," said Dallman.

This is L'Esperance's 19th year coaching the Hatchets, and if they win four conference titles in a row, it'll be a first for her as well.

But like every other year, the Hatchets have their eyes out for their biggest competition.

"Ladysmith--we're always going up against Ladysmith," said Marcks.

It's not just Ladysmith they're talking about. There's another frequent word floating around in their team huddles, and it starts with an S.

"We're always talking about state. We're always like, 'Make it to state. Make it to state!' Conference and sectionals, that's just practice for state," said Marcks.

And they want to get there as a team.

"We're always at the lanes cheering for freshmen and sophomores. We always want to make sure they're motivated and motivate them to keep going," said Marcks.

That's only part of the legacy the two seniors want to leave behind in their last season.

"I really hope that they continue to build the program in the years to come after Kirstin and I are gone and continue to send girls to state year after year," said Dallman.

And if they make it to state, they'll go there together.

"We're a team. We talk about everything together. We're always together. I think that's what makes us so strong," said Marcks.

The Hatchets will be in Rhinelander next Thursday to swim against the Hodags and that tough Ladysmith team.

Written By: Katie Leszcynski

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