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Remembering the dangers of fireworks Submitted: 07/03/2014
Rhinelander - An Independence Day celebration wouldn't be the same without the sparkle and shine of fireworks. But some types of fireworks aren't allowed in Wisconsin. Using those illegal fireworks in spite of the law can be very dangerous, especially, around children. It's illegal for you to light fireworks in Wisconsin without a permit. The Oneida County Sheriff's Office and the Rhinelander Fire Department want you to remember some important details. "Anything that leaves the ground, or goes bang is an illegal firework. Certainly, if you're lighting off even the legal ones, like the fountains, they can cause brush fires and house fires. You wanna make sure that you're lighting them on either bare dirt, or a concrete blacktop driveway," said Terry William, Rhinelander's Fire Chief. The fine for using illegal fireworks is nearly $1000. Your first noise complaint means fireworks will be confiscated. Rhinelander's Fire Chief says the second call is often too late. "Unfortunately, the way we end up dealing with the people that use [illegal] fireworks are when the firework goes off on their finger, a traumatic injury from the explosion, or significant burns," continued Williams. Leaders at the Oneida County Sheriff's Department also want to remind you that many combat veterans live in the Northwoods. The noise from illegal fireworks could trigger Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Using fireworks in most state parks and forests is also illegal. If you're caught using them anyway, that fine will cost you up to $200.

Written By: Kalia Baker

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