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Northwoods community members learn more about septic systems Submitted: 06/07/2014
Town of Crescent - A couple of people in the Northwoods got a better understanding about on-site wastewater treatment systems Saturday morning. The Crescent Town Lakes Committe hosted a public forum on "all things septic" at the Crescent Town Hall. They brought in guest speakers to talk about a wide variety on septic systems. Oneida County Planning and Zoning director says it's important to replace the old ones. "The county's responsible to make sure that that system gets replaced because sewage and ground water or sewage going to the surface is a public health nuisance per say," said Oneida County Planning and Zoning Department director Karl Jennrich. If you missed the forum, you can email questions to the Town Lakes Committee chairman at

Written By: Shardaa Gray

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