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Man found mentally ill in deadly beating Submitted: 06/05/2014
Madison - A homeless man has been ordered committed to a state mental hospital for up to 46 years for the fatal beating of another homeless man in Madison. Thirty-three-year-old Justin Brooks pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree reckless homicide. Brooks was accused of beating 61-year-old Robert Kuntz with a table leg as Kuntz slept on the Capitol Square nearly a year ago. But the Wisconsin State Journal ( reports Brooks was found not guilty by reason of mental illness and was ordered committed. Under a plea agreement, a first-degree intentional homicide charge against Brooks was reduced to reckless homicide. One of Brooks' lawyers says Brooks did not know Kuntz, and armed himself with a table leg because he thought Kuntz was armed with a knife and was out to get him.

Written By: Associated Press

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