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Maldonado suspended five games for Easter punch Submitted: 04/22/2014
- On Easter Sunday, the Brewers earned a hard-fought 14-inning victory over Pittsburgh. The battle featured a benches-clearing brawl. On Tuesday, Major League Baseball announced the suspensions. Brewers catcher Martin Maldonado received the stiffest penalty. He was suspended five games for throwing a punch and connecting with Pirates outfielder Travis Snider's eye. Maldonado was also docked $2,500 bucks. Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez - who was kicked out of the game - received a 3-game suspension. Snider - who is sporting quite a shiner these days will miss two games for coming out of the dugout to seemingly to re-start a fight. Catcher Russell Martin will also miss one game. Maldonado's suspension began Tuesday night. Gomez, and the two Pirates players are appealing their suspensions.

Written By: Joe Dufek

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