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Attorneys need to come to agreement with details for jury trial Submitted: 04/04/2014
Merrill - Prosecutors believe Mark Bucki killed and hid his wife's body. His jury trial will start Monday. But before that happens, attorneys still need to come to a agreement. They've been in Lincoln County court since 8:30 Friday morning. The Lincoln County District Attorney's secretary believes they'll be in court past 4:30 Friday. They're discussing details Bucki's attorneys don't want mentioned in the jury trial. The attorneys didn't want to identify his wife's ring and clothes she was wearing to be brought up in court. They're also discussing a topic they argued about on Tuesday; cadaver dogs which were used to find Mark Bucki's scent. Bucki's attorney's didn't think bringing up the dogs is relevant because they can't talk. But the state's assistant attorney felt the evidence was necessary. They also needed to narrow down the 85 jurors to 15 with three alternates.

Written By: Shardaa Gray

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