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Released emails shed more light on Gov. Walker's time as county executive Submitted: 02/19/2014
Madison - Governor Scott Walker says he's not worried about documents connected to an investigation of his 2010 campaign. Walker served as the Milwaukee County Executive before becoming governor. The investigation looked into whether Walker used the county's resources or time illegally for his campaign. Thousands of documents were released Wednesday. According to the documents Walker ordered his staff to hold a daily conference call with his political campaign. That would be considered illegal under Wisconsin law. But walker said he wasn't worried on Wednesday. "I'm confident that they've reviewed them and chose to act on the ones that they've already made public and I don't know that there will be any great surprises beyond what they've already talked about," Walker said. Governor Walker was never accused of wrong-doing. The investigation led to the conviction of six of his former aides.

Written By: Newswatch 12 Staff

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