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Northwoods hit hard by snowstorm Submitted: 01/14/2014
Wausau - Weather like this means preparation and work for highway departments across the Northwoods. The Marathon County highway department will use its 36 trucks to plow throughout the day. More than five inches have hit some parts of the area. But the Marathon County operations director calls this a nice winter storm. "We're going to just keep on plowing and try and stay ahead of it and keep the roads open so they're drivable," says Marathon County Highway Operations Superintendent Dan Raczkowski. "They definitely will not be bare. " "After tomorrow when the snow stops and hopefully the winds die down that's when we'll go and scrap them down and probably have to hit them with a little more salt to try and get them bared up," says Raczkowski. High winds have also caused the department to send out six of their motor graters. "This is a nice winter storm is what I'd consider it," says Raczkowski. "Snow isn't really wet and heavy so it plows reasonable, the heavier the snow the harder it is on the equipment and everything so it's not too bad. "I think the snowmobilers will be happy because the trails were getting kind of rough," says Raczkowski. The coordinator says the 36 trucks running on the two lane state and county highways will get parked tonight. They keep a crew on for highways like 29 and I-39.

Written By: Dan McKinney

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