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Two kids still in hospital after snow crushes shed Submitted: 12/31/2013
Chippewa Falls - Two young children remain in the hospital after snow crushed the shed they were playing in. Authorities in Chippewa Falls say a heavy pack of snow fell onto the shed over the weekend. The kids were trapped and unable to breathe for several minutes. 10-year-old Nelson Nolt and 7-year-old Norma Nolt were hospitalized Monday in serious condition. The kids were playing Saturday afternoon on a skid steer parked in a shed. A heavy layer of snow slid from an adjacent barn onto the shed roof, which collapsed onto the vehicle cab. Their father found them trapped there. They didn't have pulses and they weren't breathing for more than 10 minutes before being pulled out. (Copyright 2013 Associated Press - All Rights Reserved)

Written By: Associated Press

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