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Oneida County Department on Aging bus hopes to expand routes Submitted: 12/27/2013
Rhinelander - It can get more difficult to move around when you get older. That makes trips to the grocery store or doctor tougher. But the Oneida County Department on Aging can help. Right now, the department's bus takes seniors and adults with disabilities around Rhinelander. The bus is also used by the general public for an extra fee. The department workers say most of the people using the bus wouldn't get around without it. Mary Boyer is the Nutrition and Transportation coordinator. "It helps our clients get to their doctor appointments, even hair appointments, coming here for nutrition, doing grocery shopping," said Boyer. "Pretty much anything that they need during those hours." The department wants to expand transportation options outside of Rhinelander. Forest County uses its funding to do that. Their route goes through Three Lakes, Sugar Camp and Rhinelander. "That's what they do with their money, they do that outlying thing. So it would nice if we could up go to Eagle River or Minocqua and transport people back and forth that way," said Boyer. "Not on a daily basis, but maybe every week, or every other week." Oneida county is trying to partner with Forest and Vilas counties. They hope to form a transit commission. That would mean more rides to more places, for everyone.

Written By: Kalia Baker

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