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Staying centered for the holidays Submitted: 12/22/2013
Rhinelander - From shopping, to cooking and spending time with family, staying calm during the holidays can be hard. Sunday night, a fitness instructor hosted a Winter Solstice yoga class. She says it can help people stay calm and centered during the holidays. Jane Banning led the yoga class. "I was trying to help people become more mindful about seasonal change and especially Christmas, for practicing Christians," said Banning. "And to [help people]manage stress at this time. It's a time when most people in the North are looking forward to greater sun, longer days." But yoga isn't the only way to keep you calm. Staying active and deep-breathing can even limit how much you eat during the holiday season. "Get outside, take a walk even, [but] bundle up. If you're able, do something even more active, ski. Do a little bit of weight lifting. Breathe, stay in-tune with your breath. It helps you decide sometimes if you really are hungry, or you're thirsty, or neither," said Banning. The most important thing for people to remember during the holidays is to breathe.

Written By: Kalia Baker

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