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Prison time for man who beat nine-month-old baby Submitted: 10/16/2013
Rhinelander - A Rhinelander man will spend the next year in prison for beating a nine-month-old baby. Twenty four-year-old Christopher Schimke was arrested in spring of 2012. He was charged with at least three felonies. In the criminal complaint, police say he beat, strangled and suffocated the baby he was supposed to be taking care of. Schimke struck a deal with the state Tuesday. He pleaded no contest to the child abuse and recklessly endangering safety charges. In exchange, the strangulation and suffocation charge was dropped. Judge Patrick O'Melia sentenced him to a year in state prison, followed by four years extended supervision. He can't have any unsupervised contact with children.

Written By: Lyndsey Stemm

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