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Crescent Lake Ordinance passes Submitted: 10/16/2013
Crescent - Living in the Northwoods means we get to do a lot of fun things on the lakes-- even when they're frozen. Crescent's town board just passed an ordinance that will help people take care of those lakes. Activities like drag racing on ice are becoming more popular. Conversations about an ordinance in Crescent started when the town heard about ice drag races on Lake Thompson. Joel Knutson is a Crescent town board supervisor. He feels strongly that other towns should also be taking steps to protect their lakes. "I feel somewhat more at ease because it's a good start. It says that the town is taking proactive steps to stay ahead of these issues," says Knutson. The town board hosts public forums every month to talk about issues concerning the lakes. Anyone who organizes the races has to clean up fuel, oil and anti-freeze left behind after any events.

Written By: Kalia Baker

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