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Fire caused over a million dollars in damage Submitted: 09/12/2013
Superior - The wildfire this spring in Douglas county cost a timber company that owns most of the land more than 1-million dollars in damage. Lyme Saint Croix Timber Company executive Sean Ross says the fire damaged most of its 52-hundred acres. The timber land was not insured for fire damage. The massive fire last May consumed about 74-hundred acres, destroyed 17 homes and forced dozens of people to evacuate. The state Department of Natural Resources has billed the logging company that started the fire more than 600-thousand dollars. The DNR announced shortly after the fire was contained that a logging crew's cutting machine sparked the blaze. The DNR concluded the logging company, Rib Lake-based Ray Duerr Logging, didn't properly maintain its equipment. A lawyer for the logging company says they will contest the bill. (Copyright 2013 Associated Press - All Rights Reserved)

Written By: Associated Press

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