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Former Pines star playing for Badgers Submitted: 09/02/2013
MADISON - Former Northland Pines star Austin Ramesh has been able to make an impact sooner than expected for the Wisconsin Badgers. Ramesh made the traveling team for Wisconsin. That means he is on the active roster for both home and away games. On Saturday, Ramesh did see some playing time. The freshman did not get an official stat. Then today, head coach Gary Andersen said Ramesh would play Saturday. Starting fullback Derek Watt has a hamstring injury. Derek Straus replaced Watt during the game and would likely start. However, Ramesh should get in the game too. Ramesh rushed for 1670 yards and 19 touchdowns last season for Northland Pines. Badgers host Tennessee Tech Saturday morning.

Written By: Joe Dufek

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