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Wisconsin kids need to exercise more Submitted: 08/29/2013
Rhinelander - Kids get to run around all summer. But when they go back to school, will they get enough exercise? A new report says no. The report by the American Cancer Society says Wisconsin fails to meet physical education recommendations. The society recommends 150 minutes for elementary students per week and 225 minutes for middle school. Wisconsin does not have a specific time period per week. The state only requires kindergarten through sixth grade students to have exercise three times a week and once a week in middle school. But a PE teacher at James Williams Middle School in Rhinelander says they exceeds the requirements. "We see our students in a two week period five times in a two week period," said Physical Education Teacher, Bill Makris. "I think the recommendation is one time per week. So we exceed that." Makris says living in the Northwoods helps prevent obesity in kids. "When we received our PEP grant, we purchased a lot of cross country ski equipment, snow shoe equipment, indoor climbing wall and some other fitness type of activities that we do with the students during that period of the year." Makris said. Because of the Physical Education Program grant, Makris says they've seen improvements in the kids scores for activities like running a mile.

Written By: Shardaa Gray

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