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Wisconsin woman testifies at sentencing for Fort Hood shooter Submitted: 08/28/2013
Fort Hood, Texas - A Wisconsin woman testified in the Fort Hood shooter's sentencing. Jerri Krueger is from Kiel, Wisconsin. Her daughter, Sergeant Amy Krueger, was one of 13 people killed in Major Nadal Hasan's 2009 rampage at Fort Hood. Krueger said in court yesterday she lives with her loss every day. She explained how she and her family frantically tried to find out if Amy was OK, after hearing about shootings at Fort Hood. She says she had "a very bad feeling.'' Eventually two Army officers showed up at her home. Hasan was an Army psychiatrist. He was convicted last week. Jurors are expected to start deliberating soon on whether he should get the death penalty or life in prison without parole. (Copyright 2013 Associated Press - All Rights Reserved)

Written By: Associated Press

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