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Kemp Street construction pushed back to July 8 Submitted: 06/18/2013
Rhinelander - Independence Day always brings a flood of visitors to the Northwoods. Closing one of Rhinelander's major streets could create a big headache. But we learned today that major construction on Kemp Street won't start until after July 4th. The city and contractors decided today to start the Kemp Street part of their sewer project during the week of July 8th. "Kemp Street will be closed for about three to four months as sewer progresses up through town on Moen Street, Park Street, behind Trig's Oneida Mall complex, up to Davenport Street," said Water & Wastewater Superintendent Tim Kingman. The city started with construction on Bruner Street. Workers have used a lot of patience to dig and replace sewers so far. "One thing that people don't realize about the construction of the sewer is there's a great deal of water underground," Kingman said. "If you don't remove that water, work becomes really problematic." People in Rhinelander have an easy option to stay updated on the construction. The city's website has a link with current and planned road closures. It also shares what each project is looking to accomplish.

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Written By: Ben Meyer

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