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Rhinelander looks at utility costs, considers rate change Submitted: 06/13/2013
Rhinelander - Big projects around town could make your utility bills go up. Rhinelander leaders are looking at current rates to see if they'll cover planned construction. $6,000,000 is required for the Kemp street sewer project already underway. The city is also considering a new well that would cost around a million dollars. If the study shows rates DO need to be increased, that doesn't mean bills will immediately jump. "We have a lot of flexibility here. Fortunately these funds are very solvent, both of them. So they've got some reserves. So we may do 3% increases over a period of time," said Rhinelander City Administrator, Blaine Oborn. Low-interest loans allow for rates to go up slowly over time. Federal grants will also help.

Written By: Kailey Burton

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