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Favre takes blame for past Submitted: 06/07/2013
BUFFALO - It seems the tension between the Packers and former Quarterback Brett Favre are almost gone. In fact, Favre blamed himself for the rift created just before the 2008 season. During an interview with a Buffalo radio station Thursday, Favre said, "It's over and done with. I was at fault." Favre retired after the 2007 season. Then he unretired and reported to training camp. It caused all kind of problems between the Packers, Aaron Rodgers, and the fans. Favre was traded to the New York Jets. Then he played 2 seasons with Division-rival Minnesota Vikings. The Packers are likely going to retire Favre's #4 jersey. This certainly is a positive step to speeding up the process.

Written By: Joe Dufek

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