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Marketplace Day makes entrepreneurs of grade schoolers Submitted: 05/23/2013
Harshaw - A marketplace might make you think of a city square or a grocery store. But what about a grade school? The Northwoods Community Elementary School hosted Marketplace Day Thursday for friends, family, and community members. Kindergarteners through fifth graders sold flower pots, lemonade, and artwork. But someone had to keep the peace, too. "We get to talk to people and give away stuff. If we get enough money, we get to go to the ice cream shop!" kindergartener Iain Rumney, decked out in police garb, exclaimed. Ice cream was a top seller. The first grade room sold out of their stock. "When everybody was done buying their ice cream, and we were all sold out, everybody was like, 'aw, I love ice cream!'" said Noah Bell, a first grader. "Your mom and dad can come, and you can sell stuff, and you can get money," explained Maddie Ewan. Each classroom will decide what they want to do with the money they made. Some plan on donating it to charity.

Written By: Ben Meyer

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