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Obama, Walker Approved at Identical Rate in Wisconsin Submitted: 05/20/2013
Wisconsin - President Obama and Governor Scott Walker couldn't be much further apart on the political spectrum. But Wisconsinites seem to like them about the same -- in fact, at exactly the same rate. The Marquette University Law School came out with a new poll taken earlier this month. People here approve of the job the President is doing at a 51% rate. 45% disapprove. Those are exactly the same numbers Governor Walker has in this poll. "Wisconsin has been pretty evenly split. If you look at the Governor's election, the Governor's recall election, the election of Prosser to the Supreme Court, where there was a major contest, they were basically virtually tied," says UW-Stevens Point Political Scientist Ed Miller. There's an odd group of voters in Wisconsin. The poll found 11% of people go outside the political norms. They think both President Obama and Governor Walker are doing a good job. "These would be typically lower income individuals who have supported Obama over Republican candidates on the national level, but on the state level, they support Walker because of tax reductions," Miller says. There's even more similarity between the two elected officials here in the state. Last year, Walker got 53% of the vote in winning his recall election. As for Obama this fall against Mitt Romney? You guessed it, 53% here in Wisconsin.

Written By: Ben Meyer

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