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Wisconsin History on Display at Heritage Days Submitted: 05/17/2013
Phillips - Fourth graders read about Native American wigwams, pioneer blacksmiths, and ethnic folk music. All those things form Wisconsin history. On Friday, every fourth grader in Price County experienced them at Heritage Days. They traded their textbooks for the chance to see, hear, and feel Wisconsin history. Students from Butternut to Prentice attended the event, hosted at Wisconsin Concrete Park. They agreed this field trip was the best way to learn their Wisconsin history. "I like seeing how the games work instead of reading about it, because you get to actually play the games instead of imagining them," says Phillips fourth grader Caitlyn McDonald. "I'm outdoors and it's fun learning about stuff I do not know," says Jacob Yanich, another Phillips fourth grader. Heritage Days is open to the public on Saturday.

Written By: Ben Meyer

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