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Marathon County Launches Drug Abuse Campaign Submitted: 05/07/2013
Wausau - Michael Dixon died in a car crash. Richie Vue faces charges for killing his girlfriend, Kou Thao for shooting, beheading, and disemembering a man. We've told you about these three stories before - they happened in Marathon County, but they have more in common than that. All three involve opiate drug abuse and represent a much bigger problem in the community. Today, law encorcement and other groups launched the "Pushback Against Drug Abuse" campaign in Wausau. Community leaders want people to know that drugs like heroin, meth, and oxycontin don't affect just the user - they affect EVERYONE. "Overall as we compare and track our service calls, we are about 14 percent ahead compared to last year," Wausau Police Chief Jeff Hardel said. "So it's just generated so much more work for all of our officers and detectives. It's hard too keep up at this point." Hardel says competition among drug dealers is increasing. They're buying or stealing guns to intimidate each other. That's why responding to a "shots fired" call is now common for Wausau Police. "We've had so many of our high profile cases, homicides, aggravated assaults, robberies, etc., that have a very strong drug influence," Hardel said. "In other words, they're committing a crime because of their drug addiction." The Pushback Against Drug Abuse campaign will continue at a June 4 meeting.

Written By: Lex Gray

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