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New Cafe Opens in Summit Lake Submitted: 05/06/2013
Summit Lake - Spring makes us think of new beginnings. After two and a half years of standing vacant, the Corner Cafe in Summit Lake is getting its own new beginning. Jeanine Mischler bought the lot, gutted the old cafe, and renamed it RubyMay's Cafe. RubyMay's opened April 15. Jim Tyler quickly became a regular at the counter and thinks many others will follow. "We have a lot of cottages, Bass Lake is down here, the big golf course, lot of the guys come in now when golf starts, they'll come in for breakfast or after playing in the morning, come in for dinner," Tyler said. "So it's going to be a real busy little place here, and it'll be busier the more the summer goes." Use Ctrl/Tab to Indent for Closed Cap Mischler is in the process of building a patio for outdoor dining.

Written By: Lex Gray

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