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RHS Mock Trial Students Prepare For Nationals In Indianapolis Submitted: 05/05/2013
Rhinelander - The Rhinelander High School Mock Trial team won the State Championship in March.

Now theyíre off to Nationals in Indianapolis and right now theyíre getting in as much practice as they can.

"Iím really nervous. Representing the state is a big responsibility." said Rhinelander High School student, Elisha Sheffer.

This is the 16th year Rhinelander High School has gone to Nationals, but itís the first time for these students. "We are representing the state of Wisconsin. So yes weíre representing our school, Rhinelander high school, but more than that weíre representing the state," said Rhineland High School student, Melissa Sheth.

"So itís both something that weíre really proud to do and nervous because of that pressure."

This extracurricular activity might not be physical, but Judge Michael Bloom says they put in just as much work as an athlete.

"Itís just as hard, itís just as difficult and it takes just as much work and effort to be successful at mock trial as it does any other extracurricular activity," Judge Michael Bloom said.

"It involves a different type of skill, but itís just as challenging for the students and the students that are successful deserves just as much credit."

Going to Nationals is the experience of a lifetime.

Attorney Coach Jim Jacobi says part of why itís so great is the chance to get to know people from different states.

"You may never have a chance again like this to meet as many of your country men with which you have a common bond and a common activity," said Jacobi.

"So whatever time youíre not spending working on mock trial, take the time to meet with these kids and talk to them."

The team will be leaving this Wednesday to make a go for the gold.

Written By: Shardaa Gray

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