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Two Northwoods Companies Expand with Help from Jobs Agency Submitted: 04/26/2013
Crandon - A quarter million new jobs- that's what the Governor promises by the end of his first term. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation wants to help create them, and local companies are taking advantage of the effort. The WEDC loaned two Crandon companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hometown Trolley recently finished a 20,000 square foot expansion, and Infinity Wood Floors opened a manufacturing location in Crandon in January. The two companies are bringing 77 new jobs to the area. That's a lot of jobs for the city, but 250,000 jobs is still a ways off. WEDC CEO Reed Hall thinks it's still a realistic goal. "I do. And we're going to do whatever's in our power to make that number come true. One of the things I think helps us, is I think Wisconsin is right on the edge of a turn-around. I think we have a very stable political environment, or much more stable than it was in 2010, 2011," says Hall. Hall also thinks the regulatory environment is better than it was in the past. He points to housing and auto sales as indicators of a turn-around. Hall says economic development in the Northwoods presents unique challenges. "The timber industry here is so very, very critical. Certainly tourism is so very critical to this area. Broadband issues are sort of unique here too because we don't always have enough broadband capability. I think we need to concentrate on the timber industry specifically," says ," says Hall. Hall says they'll hold a conference this summer to promote getting more timber harvested from the national forests. He wouldn't name specific companies, but Hall did say the WEDC is working with other businesses in the area.

Written By: Lyndsey Stemm

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