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Wausau police report man in custody in homicide investigation Submitted: 04/19/2013
Wausau - As police in Boston search for a murderer, police in Wausau have someone in custody they think might be connected to a missing person case. That's turned into an apparent homicide investigation. The man in custody is 26-year-old Kou Thao of Wausau. Police arrested him in Milwaukee early Thursday morning. He's a suspect in the disappearance of 58-year-old St. Paul native Tong Pao Hang. Hang was last seen 12 days ago in Wausau. Earlier this week, Wausau police were told about a gunshot in the basement of a home on Chicago Avenue. They found blood in that basement. That led to Thao's arrest. The investigation into Hang's disappearance is ongoing.

Written By: Lane Kimble

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