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Vilas Sheriff's Department Will Upgrade Hardware System Submitted: 04/03/2013
Eagle River - Emergency responders need to work quickly and efficiently. One local sheriff's department will be upgrading their system so they can better serve you. Helping to get responders information faster. The Vilas County Sheriff's department will get an upgrade to their Spillman records system. The server will cost more than $52,000. That's in the budget for 2014. This will be used for the Sheriff's department, Eagle River and Lac du Flambeau Police Departments. Informational Technology Director, Chris Kamps thinks this is not only an advantage for the sheriff's department, but for the community as well. "It will help the availability of information quicker and a better manner," said Kamps. "And save tax dollars by helping with the paperless initiative that files the county going towards." The IT department hopes to get the hardware sometime in June and will have it running by the beginning of next year.

Written By: Shardaa Gray

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