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An Emotional Homecoming from Afghanistan Submitted: 03/28/2013
Kingsford - How would you feel if your loved one was away for almost a year? How would you feel if they were in harm's way in Afghanistan? Now think of how you would feel to have them home safe, once again. That was the scene in the Upper Peninsula Thursday. "You cry because you're just so overwhelmed with emotion," says Marissa Hebert, the wife of PFC Peter Hebert. Their tour of duty in Afghanistan sent them away for almost a year. But the nearly 90 Guardsmen in the 1432nd Engineering Company came home to something overwhelming Thursday afternoon in Kingsford. "The level of pride this city shows its service members is overwhelming," says PFC Hebert. SPC Bobby Richards grew up in Wisconsin's Northwoods. His mother, Missy, lives in Mercer. It's the second son she's had come back from service in Afghanistan. "Glad to have him home. And safe," Missy says. "It's emotional. It's worth it. It's fun. Glad to see everybody came out," says SPC Richards. From those that those that the ones that just needed a hug...putting words to this homecoming was a tough task. "You're excited, you just thank God that he's home and in one piece," says Marissa Hebert. Maybe that's all that needs to be said today.

Written By: Ben Meyer

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