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Forestry Program Provides Graduates for a Growing Industry Submitted: 03/25/2013
Antigo - The first graduating class from a Northwoods forestry program will receive their diplomas this May, and most of them have job offers. It's a program that's taking the forest industry to another level. But it's not just about the trees. It's about jobs. "We're just trying to develop the best possible people for this industry that we can," said Brown. Northcentral Technical College's Wood Tech program is teaching future forest industry employees, right in Antigo. "The equipment that we have here on the floor, the curriculum that we teach here at NTC is very unique, and it is cutting edge. It's what employers are looking for when they're hiring new employees," said instructor Travis Allen. The forestry industry job market looks good too. With almost 60 thousand jobs in Wisconsin in 2011, compared to 52 thousand in 2010, according to the DNR. Oradei sees it as a sustainable job market too. "It's a very desirable industry to be involved with; you're always working with a renewable resource," said Oradei. Brown is happy to see business growing. "Business has picked up in the united states and worldwide, so it's getting a lot more fun," said Brown. Sixteen students in Travis Allen's class are hearing from employers too. "A week ago I had three different employers contact us for skilled employees, and the nice thing is our curriculum is covering exactly what they want to hire on," said Allen.

Written By: Hayley Tenpas

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