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Before Spring Break, Protect Your Family from the Grandparent Scam Submitted: 03/17/2013
Madison - With spring break just around the corner, the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection wants students to share their travel plans with family members. This is to avoid becoming victims of the grandparent scam. The FTC says more than 25,000 older Americans nationwide- reported losing a combined $110 million through this scam in 2011 alone. Grandparent scams always involve a request for cash tied to a story about an emergency a grandchild is facing. The scammer poses as the grandchild asking for money to fix a car, get out of jail or leave a foreign country. The grandparent is asked by the "grandchild" not to tell anyone else about the situation. By sharing spring break travel plans with family members, students can prepare their relatives in case someone tries to scam them. Families should also establish a backup contact in case a worried grandparent cannot reach the grandchild after receiving one of these troubling calls.

Written By: Lyndsey Stemm

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