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Lac du Flambeau Group Receives 2012 Financial Literacy Award Submitted: 03/14/2013
Lac du Flambeau - Credit scores, home loans, estate planning, benefits: We ALL need to know how these things work, but most of us are NOT experts. Luckily a group of people who ARE experts is ready to help, and it won't cost you anything. Eleven businesses and financial groups came together in Lac du Flambeau under the name Zhoonyia Gikendasowin (pronounced JOON-nia Geek- EN-DAZ-oh-Win). That means' "Money Knowlege" in Ojibwe. Since 2008 they've been helping tribal and non-tribal members with all kinds of money concerns. This year they were recognized by Governor Walker with the 2012 "Financial Literacy Award". "The Lac du Flambeau Tribe is part of the initiative, Chippewa Valley Bank and the office of Financial Literacy of Wisconsin. So there's a whole group of us that realized we wanted to do the same type of programming and be resourceful in the community," said Fern Orie, the Executive Director of Zhoonyia Gikendasowin. In Governor Walker's words, "They are excelling in their efforts". The group helps with a number of financial issues from car loans, to budget planning, but one of their main focuses is home ownership. "You CAN have that dream," says Orie, "It doesn't have to be something that's unattainable. It can be something that's very realistic through the programs we have." The group holds regular "lunch and learn" sessions throughout the area, and work one-on-one with clients. For more information about Zhoonyia Gikendasowin contact executive assistant Michelle Dehart at 715-588-1600. You can also visit their website at

Written By: Kailey Burton

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