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Wisc. Democratic Spokesman Zielinski removed after Walker Tweets Submitted: 03/04/2013
Madison - Be careful what you tweet. Wisconsin Democratic spokesman Graeme Zielinski posted three Twitter messages comparing Governor Walker to Jeffery Dahmer. Now Zielinski will tweet no more, but still has a job. On Friday, when prosecutors said they were shutting down the secret investiagtion into the Governor's former aides, Zielenski started tweeting. Monday, he apologized over Twitter both to Walker and to Dahmer's victims. The Democrats say Zielinski has been removed as spokesman, docked a week's pay worth about $1,000, and will no longer be permitted to post on Twitter. He will stay on as an adviser.  Walker was asked about Zielinski's tweets on Friday. He called Zielinski "pretty insignificant."

Written By: The Associated Press

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