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Ho-Drag racing brings crowds to Rhinelander Submitted: 02/23/2013
Rhinelander - We usually find drag racing during warmer months. But out on the ice Saturday, there was a little Ho-Drag racing going on. Lake Thompson in Rhinelander was the scene for the first ever Ho-Drags on Ice. Different categories let drivers and vehicles of all levels race. The Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce helped put on today's event. "We had a great crowd, a bigger response than we thought we would have. And so I think the unique aspect of the event, we're ice drag- racing it's an attention drawer, and I think that's always what we're looking for. We want something that will build excitement and get them to come out and hopefully visit Rhinelander as well," said Lara Reed. Cars reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour on the ice. Special tires with nails were used to help cars gain traction. The Rhinelander Chamber hopes to bring the event back next year.

Written By: Hayley Tenpas

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