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Armless Pilot Speaks With Mosinee Students Submitted: 02/19/2013
Mosinee - Imagine having to drive a car, brush your teeth and do all the normal things without your arms.

Jessica Cox has been doing that since birth, but that hasnít stopped her from conquering her fear.

"My greatest fear was flying. So I decided to face it head on and become a pilot." said Cox.

But it hasnít been a smooth ride her whole life. "I was the type in junior high and high school student who wanted to blend in," Jessica said.

"Who wanted to go unnoticed, but my message now, because Iíve grown into an adult my confidence levels have increased, is to teach others to be confident about themselves about their difference and itís ok to be different."

Thatís why Jessica came to Mosinee high school Tuesday.

Student Anthony Gesick helped bring her here.

Heís partially blind and is unable to operate a vehicle or fly a plane, but thatís not stopping him either.

Jessica wants all the students to know they can do anything.

"I hope people can take away to celebrate differences. To realize that we are very different. Weíre also very similar in many ways," said Cox.

"So we all want to be accepted and we should accept ourselves. If I can fly an airplane, thereís so much they can do."

Students seem to be catching on to her message.

"Donít use 'I canít' because obviously you can overcome anything you want," said Junior Mosinee High School Student, Jonah Siranni.

"You donít have to give up. Donít do it because you can do anything you want."

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Written By: Shardaa Gray

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