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Snowman Fills in for Logroller in Wabeno Submitted: 02/15/2013
Wabeno - A Northwoods community mascot will be back in early spring after a nasty accident. But in the meantime, Wabeno's Larry the Logroller has a capable stand-in. Larry suffered severe injuries in January from a logging accident. Deep winter, however, meant this 30-foot-tall snowman could be built to watch over Wabeno during Larry's recovery. "This is going to be the temporary replacement for Larry the Logroller. I don't know about summertime, how it will work out, but temporarily, he's the new mascot," said Wabeno's Larry Rummel. Smith Concrete used backhoes and cranes - not to mention thousands of pounds of snow - to build the snowman. Meanwhile, Larry is being treated in Denmark, Wisconsin, and will return in the early spring.

Written By: Ben Meyer

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