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Phillips students, community working on piece of history Submitted: 02/14/2013
Phillips - Hundreds of Northwoods kids find themselves working on a piece of history this school year. Phillips middle and high schoolers have been working on this tile mural since November. It's made from hundreds of clay pieces. Students draw on paper first, then transfer the designs to clay. The inspiration comes from the Friends of Fred Smith. The group looks after the Phillips artist's Wisconsin Concrete Park. Administrator Sharyn Friedell wants everyone to be involved. "We are encouraging the kids to express through art, how they feel, what they think about their home, their school, their families, their friends," Friedell said. "So, it is truly a community project." Right now, high schoolers and volunteers are finishing the underglaze work. Friedell thinks the kids have taken a real ownership to the project. "We had kids coming through the mural room here every period and they'd come in and look at the mural and say, 'Oh, there's one of mine,' so it's been great," Friedell said. "It's been great for all of us." The Friends of Fred Smith hired two Door County clay artists to help lead the 170 kids working on the mural. They plan to hang the finished product during an open house at the school in April. You can contact Sharyn at 715-339-7282.

Written By: Lane Kimble

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