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Treehaven Tromp brings in snowshoe racers Submitted: 02/09/2013
Tomahawk - Runners take off in Tomahawk, with a little something extra- snowshoes. "Racing snowshoes are a little smaller than the ones you and I would typically wear. Like I say they'll just have their normal running gear on with just a little bit wider shoes on," said volunteer Fred Bloedorn. These runners are participating in the 2nd annual "Treehaven Tromp" Showshoe Race. It brings almost 100 snowshoers to the 14 hundred acre Treehaven facility. "It is a fun race for some people, but it's also a qualifying race for the USSA, United States Snowshoe Association, for the national championships," said Bloedorn. Among those looking for a fun race, is Jim Mcdonell. He's been racing since the 90's and says his attire is inspired by a trip to Scotland and the movie, "Braveheart". "I got enthused with it and I thought I'd start with wearing the blue and white face after seeing the movie Braveheart, and then a few years after wearing the blue and white face I started wearing the kilt. And it just makes winter fun," said Mcdonell. And even though it's about 20 degrees out- Jim says he's not cold. "I have a hot body, I burn hot, so that's one reason. I used to run in shorts and a shirt before the kilt. But you really get hot when you're out there. But it's fun. You're only out there for an hour so you're not going to freeze," said Mcdonell. He has some advice for those who might not think snowshoeing is for them. "Just remember that there's 7 days in a week, and one of them is not someday. So get out there and do it," said Mcdonell. Proceeds from the 5 and 10 k races went to support Treehaven Youth Programs. Treehaven is a Northwoods campus for the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.

Written By: Hayley Tenpas

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