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33rd Annual Three Bear Sled Dog Race Submitted: 02/06/2013
Land O' Lakes - Land O'Lakes kicks off its 33rd annual Three Bear Sled Dog Race this weekend. Thanks to mother nature and a hard working crew--the race trails are in great condition. Jeff Lewison is a track Groomer for this race. He's glad to see snow in the forecast. "We've had a hard time getting a good base in, we've been real fortunate to put on a few races. But they've been very marginal. This year, it seems a lot better with the last few snow falls in the last week and a half." Samuel Otterpohl has been the Trail Boss since the mid 90s. He said snow is crucial to keep dogs and mushers safe. "It's like a snowmobile trail. The more they run it, the more they pack it, the harder it gets. The dog's paws are small so they go through this a lot easier. So you don't want to get too punchy because it hurts the dogs." Races start Saturday around 10 a.m. About five-hundred dogs are expected for the weekend.

Written By: Ryan Abney

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