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Making Schools Safer Submitted: 02/04/2013
Mosinee - When you think back to Sandy Hook, you probably think of the name Adam Lanza. He's the man who gunned down 20 children and six adults at the elementary school in December. That tragedy has led to a tense gun control debate…and talks about how to deal with mental illness. It's also made us talk more about school security – but Lanza didn't just walk through those front doors. They were locked, but he easily shot through a window and got in. When Dick Peterson of Mosinee heard that part of the story, he thought he could help. Peterson's daughter and three granchildren live in Newtown. "The day of the shooting, my daughter called in the morning, and she said 'Dad turn the TV on, there's something that's happened here,'" Peterson said. "It wasn't quite so bad the first day, but then she found out some of her friends lost their children and kids, when she picked them up. It was tough." Peterson makes his living putting energy-saving film on glass windows and doors. But he also installs bomb-blast security film. "I've done 8 ml bomb blast film to protect people like senators, FBI officers, and big credit card companies," Peterson said. So why not schools? Peterson decided to experiment. He put bomb blast film on a glass frame, then fit the border with a retention system. Bullets could still go through, but Peterson's idea is that if the glass doesn't shatter like it did at Sandy Hook, students and teachers would have enough time to evacuate or call police before an attacker broker through. And unlike bulletproof glass, Peterson can easily retrofit current windows and glass doors with his design. "It's just like any of the tinting that I do – it's the most efficient way of saving energy," he said. "The security film is the most efficient way of protecting yourself." Peterson went through two rounds of tests, shooting at the glass prototype and beating it with a bat and gun. His second prototype worked out well enough that he's ready to show it to school officials and law enforcement Wednesday.

Written By: Lex Gray

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