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Young Student Does the Right Thing Submitted: 02/01/2013
Tomahawk - Parents preach to their kids, honesty is the best policy. One fourth grader at Tomahawk Elementary listened. Nine year old Payton Bonce spoke up in a Math competition when he thought the score was wrong. "She was announcing the fifth grade and I told her that my scores were wrong. So they went back and checked it and I came in fourth place, not third," said Payton Bonce. Payton, being a great math student had actually calculated his score which helped him catch the error. But coming forward and accepting a lower place was no big deal to him. "Payton really didn't think it was that big of a deal. Payton, his response was its just something that all good people do," says Tomahawk Elementary Principal, Dan McGuire. Payton's dad wasn't surprised at his son's honesty. "Well we always say that you got to work for everything that you earn. So we're just glad that he just made the right choice," said Tony Bonce, Payton's father. The right choice that was easy for Payton to make. "I didn't want to do the wrong thing," said Payton.

Written By: Melissa Constanzer

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