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Energy Saving Challenge Submitted: 01/30/2013
Rhinelander - Going "green" seems like a popular phrase these days. For some of us, that's as easy as reusing grocery bags and turning down the heat. But for bigger organizations, it can be a bigger and more expensive transition. That's why Wisconsin Public Service decided to make going green a competition. Leader Leah Van Zile is the W-P-S Community Relations Leader.She said the challenge was created to not only educate but to entertain. "There's a lot of information about ways to reduce your energy use and ways to save on your bill, but it's not really an exciting topic.So we thought of a way to really encourage community members to become excited about energy, and we thought pairing it with a grant opportunity with non-profits might be a neat spin a new avenue to increase energy awareness in the communities." The Retired Senior Volunteer Program was one organization to earn a 750-dollar grant. By just switching out light bulbs, she's noticed a HUGE difference. "I found out myself that if you don't have LED lights the average cost is 9-dollars a month just for a couple strings of lights, LED's is what a savings." The W-P-S serves over 700-thousand electric and natural gas customers in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Written By: Ryan Abney

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