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Rhinelander District Library Plans to Expand Submitted: 01/24/2013
Rhinelander - The Rhinelander District Library is in the planning stages of a building expansion. Today, a meeting was held with possible architects for the project. It will be a long process but well worth the wait. "This library, now with the size of the community, we're short about ten to fifteen thousand square feet. In other words, we're a much smaller library than we should be for the size of the community that we serve. That would nearly double our space," said Ed Hughes, Library Director. The library will still have to raise funds for the expansion. There's no set time frame for completion. When it's finished, it will be put to good use. "We have children's events where, if we had room for 200 kids, we would certainly use it," said Hughes. Most of the demand is for meeting room space. Some of the new spaces in the planning include a large meeting room, small study rooms, and a local history area.

Written By: Melissa Constanzer

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