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Wang Sentenced to Three Years in Prison For Child Porn Submitted: 01/02/2013
Eagle River - Former Northland Pines teacher Michael Wang will go to prison on child pornography charges.

Wang was arrested in the spring of 2011. School administrators found hundreds of images of child pornography he accessed from his school computer.

"These are not children who are posing for pictures. These are children who are being raped by an adult. And the defendant possessed videos of these for his pleasure," says Vilas County Special Prosecutor David Maas. Last year Northland Pines administrators found flash drives in Michael Wangs classroom with nine thousand pornographic images on them; among them were hundreds of images and videos of children.

That wasn't all.

"He said to the other person he was chatting with, 'You turn 14 in February, what date?' So he was chatting with a 13 year old," says Maas.

Administrators found the photos after they discovered he was having sexually explicit online conversations with children.

"To then have the defendant be a nurturer of children is insulting," says Maas.

Defense Attorney Jean Keis argued there is no evidence of any physical offenses against children, it was merely fantasy. But Special Prosecutor David Maas said Wang's indulgence in his fantasy victimized children.

"Every time the defendant made copies of these, or every time he opened these images, or every time he had a thought about the images he's victimizing these children. And these are children who are young; four to five years old," says Maas.

Keis said doctors who evaluated Wang thought once rehabilitated, he could be a positive contributor to society.

"He was involved as a coach in the community, he was involved in plays, he was involved in athletics, he did fundraising for the schools. There really were a lot of people that were impacted by Mr. Wang in a positive manner," says Keis.

"I take responsibility for and fully regret my activities. I think about them every hour of every day with regret," Wang told the Court.

"I really don't think, in full measure, that Mr. Wang appreciates the seriousness of the offenses," says Vilas County Judge Neal Nielsen.

Judge Nielsen said probation wasn't serious enough punishment. But he couldn't justify the six year prison term the State asked for. He sentenced Wang to eight years total, three years prison time and five with extended supervision.

Written By: Lyndsey Stemm

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